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Unlimited hours of photography


Your wedding day only happens once and it is over before you realised. So my job as a wedding documentary photographer is to capture as much of the fun, chaos, cries and tears of it as possible throughout the day. Hence I will be there for the entire wedding, from getting ready through to your first dance (or fireworks?). Having been to tons of weddings, I am totally aware that family and friends only get looser and crazier as the night goes on! This is when fun photos are captured. Even though I said unlimited, there's still limits to human bodies, just so you know!

Love Journey - couple photography


Before I got married, I was looking into engagement sessions but then I didn't like the ideas of just posing before some famous landmarks at some exotic locations. So I have designed a new way to make sure it is a photo journey that you will remember for life, as much as your wedding, but in a very unique and different way. Love Journey takes you back to the time when you first met, date, kiss, held hand and got engaged! The photos are intimate and personal but very presentable so you can always share them together with your stories with your friends and family.

Unique vision


Photography is an art and I consider myself as a master of crafting beautiful and lasting images. I treat all my clients as part of my family and the result can be felt when my clients open their albums. They are intimate and personal, yet beautiful and natural.

I began my photography career in 2005, since then I have offered many packages based on number of hours of shootings, albums, photobooks, etc. When I finally got married myself, I realise that style of pricing doesn't really work best for anyone. Instead of working in harmony and in a collaborative style, it puts the photographer and the clients on opposite ends of a battle. In most cases, first time couples don't really know what they want but beautiful photos for not a lot of money, leaving many couples wishing they had gone about it differently.


Therefore, I now offer one package that includes everything that I personally would want if I am to get married tomorrow. Yet, I am always happy to work within a budget so please don't hesitate to contact me and discuss your specific requirements.

Two Photographers


Two pairs of eyes are always better than one. Two pairs of hands are always better than one. While I am the principal photographer of the day, an optional second photographer will be giving me a hand. Whether he's holding a reflector or an external flash to make sure I can create a magic photo, taking an alternative angle of an important moment or guests playing when I am busy with the couple. He or she will enhance the final product in multiple ways.


Wedding Album and USB


As much as I love my computers, smartphones and the social networks, for once I want to show my best pictures of my biggest day in the most elegant way. There is no better way to showcase them than an top quality professional album. After our wedding day, I spent days and nights going through varies printing options and finally settled on a photobook and an album. But when I finally received them, I just realised how much better an album was. The details, the colours and the emotions were all vividly displayed with professional photo papers. Hence I only offer albums that I would use myself.


On top of the album, you will get all the digitally perfected images stored on a beautiful wooden USB memory stick stored in a wooden presentation box with storage for some of your favourite photos.

If you need more...


I also work closely with a very talented cinematic videographer should you wish to have a motion-picture done for your wedding day, she's brilliant and so discrete that you won't even know she's there! Her charge is starting from £1300 per day.

Others professional network can also be provided such as make-up artist, cake maker and even the cool London Route Master!

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