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​​"Share moments, share life" - Kodak


Hey, my name is Jimmy, dad to my gorgeous twins, Ashton and Annabelle and husband to my super-duper wife, Susan.


I love documenting weddings and I am heavily influenced by travel journalism, documentary and street photography. I strongly believe that my images are heartfelt and inspiring. Those captured moments often brings happy tears to your eyes.


I also have a very unique and fun couple photography session calls the 'Love Journey'. It's like time travel that brings you back in time to where and when you first met, kissed and did fun things. You should check out my Portfolio to see it your self.


Many of my previous clients are now expecting their first child and I am also doing their maternity photos too! How exciting is that? I do think my work lasts a lifetime and I grow with you!


Last but not least, my photos have been published in many publications such as the Business Insider (US and Australia), Nikon Magazine Malaysia, Canon China and more. If you have a wedding destination that you think my style of photography is a perfect fit, then please give me a shout! As I love traveling and meeting new people, I am sure that I can work something out :)


Please take a look around and if you enjoy my vision I would love to get in touch with you, wherever you are!


If you like to see my OTHER side of photography, like street and travel photos, then visit my other website at



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LIF Contributor - M Master

Getty Image Contributor

Business Insider US

Business Insider Australia

Canon Magazine - China

Nikon Magazine - Malaysia

LRPS - The Royal Photographic Society



Tel: +44 208 133 6882

Mob: +44 773 628 5748

Skype: j133ycheng



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